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"Are we really in the End Times?" a speech with Dr. Roger Liebi in English

This is my first record with Roger Liebi in English. We started this project now in 2013 and we will see, how we can enforce that decision, to make a whole series. 

We made this record in Zurich, Swizzerland, in a small room, but I think, You are missing nothing, not even a power outlet(sorry, but behind Roger there was one and we had it on screen most time of first partition)

We made our record in HD and the picture format is 16 : 9, but we distribute here no Blue Ray, we scaled down to a normal DVD-format, You can play on every DVD-Player or Recorder.

And now I'm very inquisitive whether s.o. is interested in this video or not!!!



                                                                                                  ... a part of this lecture You can see here on YOUTUBE

Preis:8,00€ inkl. Mehrwertsteuer 19 %